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The new Sudan faces many challenges. One is the provision of healthcare to its population. A particular gap in the provision of services is in the area of Vascular disease. A chronic lack of appropriate facilities and vascular clinicians has led to untold numbers of preventable deaths and morbidity. Driven by an epidemic of diabetes, unhealthy living habits, as well as high incidence of trauma the burden of vascular disease, is a health priority.

Thus the provision of modern Vascular services and clinicians must be seen as such. Whilst the provision of Cardiac services is better appreciated, the prevalence and impact of peripheral vascular disease often go unnoted.

Sudanese Vascular surgeons working in different countries across the globe held a series of teleconferences to discuss ways of promoting Vascular health in Sudan at the start of 2021. The creation of an Association of Vascular professionals dedicated to addressing these challenges was agreed as an important first step. As part of this journey, a decision was made to hold the first meeting of the Association in Sudan in December 2021. The objective of this will be to raise awareness of the challenges involved and bring together stakeholders to agree a roadmap. A big part of the conference will be scientific and include high caliber international and national guest speakers in the hope of creating interest amongst young Sudanese healthcare professionals in Vascular surgery. 

As well as the conference a training curriculum has been written to allow Sudan to train and produce its own Vascular surgeons. We hope to involve stakeholders from both public and private sectors in creating a consensus as to how best to go forward.

Our Credo

Sudanese Association of Vascular Surgeons is a non-profit, non -political, professional organization of Vascular and Cardiovascular surgeons affiliated to Sudan.



Long and Healthy lives for all in Sudan



To work with communities and clinicians in Sudan in promoting Vascular health and wellbeing through the planning and commissioning of high-quality, safe, sustainable preventative and curative care.



“PATIENTS” : Patients first-Always do the right thing-Teamwork-Integrity-Equality-Never disrespectful-Trust-Safe & Sustainable

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Happy EID

Happy Eid

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